April  Maizie

The blacklight on the back wall, colours sparkle as a hush descends. The crowd suspended between the world they have left, and the promised world that awaits. Luminosity shines from within the gorgeousness of the vision in front of them. Captivated, they watch as her glowing shoes tap out a beat, only she can hear. A smile dances on her lips as she begins their journey. They emerge euphoric, wanting more, blown away by the unique, A-Maiz-ing set. Before the Maizie was added to her name, (RIP Ray Mayes, Club 15’s) April honed her trade rousing the dancefloors of the South West with her crazy, euphoric blend of funky piano and hard house, April played her first vinyl set in Zero’s, PlymouthAnd went on to collect sets in iconic clubs including Sound Factory, Dance Academy, Warehouse with regular sets at South Devon’s only all night club The Monastery. After a short time away from the scene, April Maizie has relaunched herself with a trance vibe(which may include treating us to her own unique productions). How could someone who feels like this about the music, stay away for so long? “The love of the music brings people of all ages together. I love being able to fully express myself – in music there are no limits. The world ceases to exist. For those moments I am completely lost inside the music.”