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I started DJing at the age of 16 after going to loads of family discos I knew that I wanted to be that guy that was center of attention, controlling peoples sound pleasure to lights and smoke. I never had the money for a proper setup back then but begged and borrowed just to be that man for a while. It all started to take off for me in the 1990's when the house and rave scene was building momentum and the parties were in full swing, I would do anything to play out and managed to get on the bill for a few big events, one of which I was warm-up DJ for Easygroove the technodread (One of Bristol’s big name DJ’s).

I took a break from DJing after becoming a dad and the fire was rekindled by pure accident in 2008 when I was a gamer and played some tunes into a chat server mixing with Virtual DJ (no controller). Everyone that listened were shocked as they did not know I could DJ. I bought a high-end controller 1 year later and not long after was offered a show on H2F radio, the station stopped running in 2017 and one of the founders offered me a place amongst the amazing line up that is House Music Radio.

I play different styles every week, favourite genres are Techno, Tech house, Breakbeat and old skool rave.


Catch me on Friday night.


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